About Us

Welcome to FeedingSolutions, where we're transforming the way you approach nutritional needs for yourself and your loved ones!

Our platform is the brainchild of a seasoned Registered Dietitian, Nour Wattar, drawing from her deep understanding of wellness, the intricate realm of feeding, and the need for practical solutions. Her experience spans across different age groups, with a special affection for paediatrics, and her interdisciplinary work in a feeding clinic lends her an expert lens to help navigate feeding challenges.

At FeedingSolutions, you'll discover a thoughtfully curated array of products: specialized tableware, non-perishable food items categorized with Canada's Food Guide groups in mind, therapy tools, and nutritional supplements. Our selection is designed to ensure practicality and provide an easy shopping experience. This is the ideal place to explore a variety of products recommended by your healthcare professional, tailored to your unique feeding and nutritional needs.

We aspire to be more than just an e-commerce platform! In an era filled with conflicting nutritional information on the internet, our mission is to build a community dedicated to promoting healthier lives, guided by qualified healthcare professionals.

Join us as we navigate and simplify the complex world of feeding together. Because at FeedingSolutions, your journey to health and wellness is our priority!